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The Nove Colli or 9 Colli (colli means hills in Italian) is Italy’s long standing Granfondo which was first organised by the Fausto Coppi cycling club in 1971 but with roots dating back to the 60’s. The Nove Colli is held in the town of Cesenatico located in the stunning Adriatic Coast and birthplace of one of Italy’s most beloved cyclists, Marco Pantani.

You can choose to ride the long course of 200 km and just under four thousand meters of climbing or a shorter version at 130 km and under two thousand meters of climbing. Regardless of your selection you will be tackling the first four hills of Polenta, Pieve di Rivoschio, Ciola and Barbotto before you hit a diversion to complete the long course.

Despite the fact that these climbs are not long and wide as in the Dolomites and the Alps the nine hills of this Granfondo will test your legs and stamina on the day.

Make the most of the Nove Colli and bring the family with you to enjoy the Adriatic Coast, with plenty of activities and super weather this would be an ideal holiday. Check below our 8 night option and don’t leave it too late, entries to the Nove Colli are hugely popular.

We are working with Hotel Lungomare in Cesenatico which is located just by the seafront and less than 2km from the 9 Colli starting line. If you want to bring the family this is also the perfect hotel to keep them entertained as it offers a wide range of activities for kids and non cycling partners and it’s swimming pool is perfect to fit in some sessions to relax after a good ride.


Check this fascinating article by Cyclist Magazine about the Nove Colli,



TBC, 2022

Climb stats

  • Polenta: 8 km length, avg gradient of 3% and maximum of 13%

  • Pieve di Rivoschio: 8 km length, avg gradient 4.7% max gradient 9%

  • Ciola: 6 km length, avg grad 5.5%, max 11%

  • Barbotto: 5.5 km length, avg grad 6.9%, max 18%

  • Monte Tiffi: 3km length, avg grad 5.8%, max 16%

  • Perticara: 9 km length, avg grad 4%, max 12%

  • Monte Pugliano: 9 km length, avg grad 5.6%, max 12%

  • Passo delle Siepi: 4 km length, avg grad 5.8%, max 7%

  • Gorolo: 4 km length, avg grad 6%, max 17%

  • Date

    TCB, 2022

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