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High Cadence Cycling with mountains in the background and a rider

Welcome and about us

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up hills and coast down them.”


Ernest Hemingway

​High Cadence Cycling Tours takes you to the most beautiful mountains in Europe.

We love cycling and the stories of great iconic races such as the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, La Vuelta, and Il Lombardia, amongst others.  Just like you, we love the thrill of the descents and the challenge of climbing – not just hills – proper mountains.

We believe there are very few things in life that come close to the exhilaration of going over the top of a mountain pass, having overcome the fears and fatigue encountered during a climb. That moment is what keeps us going, despite the steep gradient, burning lungs, and numb legs.

We treasure the landscapes, the solitude, and the camaraderie that come with cycling. We also truly enjoy the great food and exceptional places to stay along the way. With a support vehicle, guide and mechanic at hand you would only need to focus on the climb ahead. Let us be your domestique and should you need a wheel to follow we will be there to take you home.

Happiness comes and goes in an instant, but one occasion we love transpires whilst riding switchbacks. Our goal is for you to experience these moments like we do. Join us, explore and re-discover your limits, and encounter some unforgettable experiences with like-minded people.

We are a team that aims to deliver unforgettable cycling tours to some of the most spectacular mountains in Europe.

About us

Luis Rendon moved to London from Mexico over a decade ago.  After completing an MSc in Tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Development he joined a UK-based conservation organisation and set up a research and monitoring programme in his home country. Luis worked for the Mexican Ministry of Tourism at their London office before deciding to set up High Cadence Cycling Tours. He has raced several Olympic distance triathlons and after discovering a passion for cycling during a first visit to the Pyrenees he has explored the beautiful countryside in England, Wales, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Patricia Mountain lives in northern Italy where she runs tailor made triathlon training programmes in the village of Oggebbio situated 100m above Lake Maggiore, north of Milan. Patricia completed her first two Ironman events in sub 12 hours (Nice Ironman) and has placed 3rd in her age group in IM Lanzarote. Patricia has spent most of her life commuting between Paris and London before deciding to settle down for the views of northern Italy.

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